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About Ocular Box Studios - Charlotte Website Design Company
Ocular Box Studios is a team of web designers and developers dedicated to completing your website quickly, affordably and to your specification. We maintain our own webservers and offer a range of hosting, support, maintenance and search engine optimization services.
Web Design and Development Services
Web Design - Graphic Design - Hosting and Management - Search Engine Optimization

Website Design and Development

Ocular Box has designed and continues to manage webistes with hundreds of thousands of members and thousands of daily unique visitors. Our websites have been featured or referenced on VH1, NBC, ESPN and scores of newspapers/magazines.

Because our websites are built on top of our proprietary content management system, we are able to customize our backend to adapt to the demands of any project. The extensive suite of "out-of-the-box" features decreases the development cycle time and offers a tested and stable platform on which you can manage your website.

Out-of-the-box features
  • Server-side verification of all input variables
  • Extensive library of common input types (phone numbers, email addresses, urls, etc.)
  • Customizable select drop-down menus
  • Relational select drop-down menues
  • Dependency drop-down menus
  • File handling
  • Image handling and manipulation
  • List views and Ajax list views
  • Ajax sub-form data submission

We have developed a proficiency in the following technologies since we began creating websites in 1995:
  • HTML (since 1995)
  • CSS (since 2001)
  • javaScript (since 2001)
  • PHP (since 2003)
  • Database interaction with PHP (since 2003) (MySQL, Oracle, Access)
  • Adobe Flash (since 1998)

Graphic Design

Currently, due to workload, our graphic design resources are dedicated to digital media creation to support the website development team. With the exception of complete corporate branding (which includes website development), we no longer offer business card, brochure, letterhead, advertisement, or other print media layout services.

Hosting and Management

Ocular Box leases and manages our own Quad-Core Red Hat Enterprise Linux Servers. Quarterly virtual server lease agreements for all sites on our hardware include hosting, varying number of user licenses for content management system and varying hours of pre-paid ongoing development and maintenance.

Search Engine Optimization

We no longer offer search engine optimization for sites we didn't develop. Search engine optimization is a process that can only be done properly when ample consideration for all aspects of the project (design, development, market, competition, etc.) can be accounted for through each stage of development and maintenance.

Ocular Box Studios News
Ocular Box Designs New Site for Bass Angler Mike Iaconelli
Ocular Box Studios, Inc. designed Mike Iaconelli's website and online store in early 2005. After years increasing popularity of tournament bass fishing and Mike's charismatic personality, Mike required a website rebuild in 2009 to showcase the City Limits fishing show he hosts, new sponsors, career achievements and ...
2009-03-16 14:21:01
Ocular Box Develops New Online Yarn Store for Premier Yarns
Ocular Box designed and developed a simple online store for Premier Yarns and Patterns in 2006 to supplement their online sales through eBay. That first version of the site was a base level content management customization to their needs, a simple store front-end, ssl configuration for secure checkout, ...
2009-02-17 08:04:06
Ocular Box Designs New Universal Yarn Website
Ocular Box designed the original Universal Yarn website in winter 2005 to fill an immediate need for an online presence before an upcoming trade show the company was attending. From those simple beginnings, over time, we crafted a fully customized content management system for administrating yarns, colors, patterns ...
2009-01-21 09:47:46
Redesign and Relaunch of Sprint Ringtones Site
In late 2005, Free Sprint Ringtones acquired My PCS Files, a subscription-based mobile phone ringtone and screensaver upload/download service. To that point, Free Sprint Ringtones had been a categorized collection of ringtones and screensavers users could send to their phone. Ocular Box integrated the tools from ...
2006-01-04 08:05:09
Ocular Box Builds and Optimizes Energy Drink Review Site
Screaming Energy Drink Reviews is a website dedicated to offering reviews and ratings for energy drinks and energy shots. Ocular Box created a fun and energetic layout to house separate reviews and ratings for two reviewers (originally Angie and Jason). Ocular Box created a fully-customized content management system that ...
2005-08-04 17:37:44
Ocular Box Completes Mike Iaconelli Web Development
Mike Iaconelli is one of the fiercest competitors on the Bassmaster tournament trail. After winning the 2003 Bassmaster Classic Championship with a last second catch, Mike was catapulted into the spotlight. Mike is now known around the world, and his trademark high-energy screaming, yelling, and front deck boat dancing are ...
2005-03-17 13:04:42
Ocular Box Develops ALB Architecture Website
Ocular Box developed the Lauer Design website in 2003. Having gained several new clients as a result of her website, ALB Architecture partner Angie Lauer selected Ocular Box to create their website as well. The Charlotte, North Carolina renovation, historical restoration, exterior and interior design company is fully ...
2004-09-07 17:04:28
Ocular Box Redesigns Charlotte, NC Adoption Website
Nathanson Adoption Agency is a North Carolina licensed pre-placement assessment agency, with its main office in Charlotte, and another office in Raleigh. They specialize in homestudies that meet all domestic and international requirements. Helene Nathanson came to Ocular Box with a website that was created several years ago. As Nathanson ...
2003-08-24 07:17:09
Ocular Box Creates Charlotte Interior/Exterior Design Website
Angie Lauer is a Charlotte-based interior design/exterior designer. She implements beautiful purposeful layouts for dowdy domestic spaces. Angie has worked in many fashionable homes in exclusive neighborhoods, such as Myers Park, Dilworth, and in the Lake Norman area. Angie chose Ocular Box Studios, Inc. to create a lavish website to echo ...
2003-07-27 11:43:48
Our website was created quickly, and exactly to our liking. With the assistance of Ocular Box, we defined the technical requirements, and all our expectations for the timeline of creation and functionality at the time of completion were exceeded.

The design was completely created by Ocular Box, they are experts with color and design. They made our energy drink review site come to life.
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Glucoholic Sugar Free Reviews

Lauer Design

Mike Iaconelli

Nathanson Adoption Services

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