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Ocular Box Redesigns Charlotte, NC Adoption Website
Nathanson Adoption Agency is a North Carolina licensed pre-placement assessment agency, with its main office in Charlotte, and another office in Raleigh. They specialize in homestudies that meet all domestic and international requirements.

Helene Nathanson came to Ocular Box with a website that was created several years ago. As Nathanson Adoption Services had grown, they recognized their need for a more sophisticated look, with a cleaner more space conscious design. Also, Helene Nathanson was interested in increasing traffic to her website, and optimizing her site for search engine placement.

Ocular Box implemented a new design for the Nathanson Adoption website, provided a logical and appealing layout/color scheme. Ocular Box Studios utilized its knowledge of search engine functionality to make Nathanson Adoption more aptly placed for relevant searches on Google and other major search engines.

Ocular Box completed the project in August 2003.

2003-08-24 07:17:09
Ocular Box Studios developed a website application specific to our needs. They overcame several obstacles to allow our website to serve screensavers and ringtones to mobile phones. Since our website was created, we've had upwards of 35,000 individual visitors (not hits, actual visitors!) per month, who have downloaded nearly 250,000 ringtones and screensavers to their phones. We?ve had over 20,000 members signup in 6 months. All our success is thanks to Ocular Box Studios. Ocular Box has the ability to generate traffic and revenue to our website. We are and will continue working with Ocular Box on future web design and development projects.
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