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Ocular Box Completes Mike Iaconelli Web Development
Mike Iaconelli is one of the fiercest competitors on the Bassmaster tournament trail. After winning the 2003 Bassmaster Classic Championship with a last second catch, Mike was catapulted into the spotlight. Mike is now known around the world, and his trademark high-energy screaming, yelling, and front deck boat dancing are often the topic of conversation at B.A.S.S. tournament weigh-ins.

Mike selected Ocular Box Studios to create a website that illustrated his professionalism, reflected his charisma, entertained bass anglers of all ages and backgrounds, and offered useful information and tools for weekend and aspiring amateur fishermen.

Professional Angler Mike Iaconelli's Website will feature a unique blend of interactive forums, articles, products, and downloadable media. Key features will include:

  • An entire content management system, allowing Mike to add content to the site himself, without worrying about how it will appear on the website
  • Tools that allow Mike to upload images, and have them automatically resized to fit into the appropriate place within the site
  • Store, shopping cart, and online checkout
  • Forums, online journal, local tournaments, and other tools for members (joining is free)

Ocular Box completed development on Mike Iaconelli's website in March 2005.

2005-03-17 13:04:42
Our website was created quickly, and exactly to our liking. With the assistance of Ocular Box, we defined the technical requirements, and all our expectations for the timeline of creation and functionality at the time of completion were exceeded.

The design was completely created by Ocular Box, they are experts with color and design. They made our energy drink review site come to life.
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